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The Company-in-Residence program is designed to offer professional development, encouragement, and resources for a Vancouver-based company in its early years of creating and producing theatre-based performance.

The program is an opportunity for a young company to gain insight into the operations of a large not-for-profit organization, and to explore their own work within a supportive environment. It is designed as a “one-size-fits-one” model and can respond to the needs and aspirations of the chosen Company in Residence. A variety of goals can be proposed for the residency. For instance: development of company infrastructure; gaining perspectives about production, script development, or touring; the creation of a new work; or learning how to more efficiently market the art.

2021–2022 Company in Residence: Immigrant Lessons

Established in 2016, Immigrant Lessons is a vibrant, young collective that exists in multiplicity as an arthouse, research/creation lab, youth artist incubator, and interdisciplinary performance troupe. It utilizes and explores the mediums of dance/movement, theatre, film, photography, digital media and technology, spoken word, creative writing, music, fashion, visual media, and design. Using an exciting mashup of styles including street dance, hip-hop, dancehall, Afrobeat, and more, they tell stories of first- and second-generation immigrants navigating Canadian culture and facing questions of identity and belonging. Audiences are taken on an emotional journey through curiosity, struggle, and love. The collective is directed/founded by Queer Black (Afro-Caribbean) interdisciplinary artist Kevin Fraser. Its core artistic associates include: Sophia Gamboa, Sevrin Emnacen-Boyd, Simran Sachar, Joshua Cameron, Hayden Pereira, Vanessa Yuen, and Joanne Park. In addition to its core members, Immigrant Lessons regularly brings in guest mentors, collaborators, and interpreters for its umbrella of work, research, exploration, and collaborations.

Immigrant Lessons