Photos of people sewing and painting with text: “It takes many soles to put on a show. Donate to our matching campaign by July 31”


It takes many soles to put on a show like Kinky Boots.

You might not ever see our props, set, and costume teams, but you do enjoy their hard work and artistry each time you attend a show. Just like Charlie in Kinky Boots, our production staff have committed to a dream, and they spend each day making the world a more beautiful place through the magic of theatre. After all, what would Kinky Boots look like without the prop shoes being made in the factory? How would Lola change costumes without the support of our dressers?

When you make a gift to the Arts Club, you are supporting not only the productions on our stages, but also an entire community of artists, technicians, and cultural workers who bring theatre to life and joy to audiences. Together, we are all part of the Club.

This summer, your tax-deductible donation to the Arts Club will make an impact both on stage and off. And thanks to the generous support of Shawn Williamson, Wanda Costuros, and Doug Whitehead, all gifts will be matched up to $50,000 until July 31! Make a gift that has double the impact today!