Accessible Performances

We want all theatre patrons to feel welcome and included. We have a variety of accessible performances geared towards folks in the Deaf and Disability community, including VocalEye, Low Vision Friendly, Relaxed, and ASL interpreted performances.

Any feedback about your experience with accessibility is valued as we continue to work with community members to increase access and inclusion. For us, this journey never ends; we want to make meaningful change moving forwards.

To learn more about Accessibility at the Arts Club, click here.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Amy Amantea, Accessibility Coordinator, at

Vocal Eye

For our dazzling 60th Anniversary season, we are excited to offer both single ticket prices and subscriptions to our upcoming productions. Prices subject to fees and GST.

The Arts Club offers VocalEye Live Description for people who are blind or partially sighted at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage this season.

Each performance listed below will be described live for patrons who are blind and partially sighted. The description will not be audible to the general audience. Ten minutes before the show begins, VocalEye patrons will hear a brief description of the set, characters, props, and costumes. When the show begins, the VocalEye describer will convey important visual information and physical action, live, between the actors' lines.

Equipment is available, at no charge, for pickup at the VocalEye table in the lobby (up to one hour before showtime) and consists of a handheld receiver and a single plastic earpiece that fits over either ear. The receivers are compatible with most personal earbuds and headphones. VocalEye’s Theatre Buddies will be available to escort you to your seats and assist you with setting up your receiver and earpiece. A VocalEye Theatre Buddy can also be requested to meet you at a local, predetermined transit stop and provide sighted guidance to the venue. Email to request a Theatre Buddy or more information about the service.

Tickets may be purchased online using the links below or by calling the box office at 604.687.1644. Our agents can help you choose seating that is most accessible for you and make a note of your access needs for venue staff.

If you would like to learn about other services for the blind and partially sighted community offered by VocalEye, please contact

Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage



Vocal Eye

Low Vision Friendly means that while there is no traditional description available, the show is 90% accessible based on the dialogue. An audio-recorded pre-show introduction (which may include spoilers) can be listened to on the website and via QR code at the venue. The benefit of a LVF show is that the introduction is available for every performance of the production's run (after the first week).


Disability Alliance BC


Relaxed performances are designed for anyone who might benefit from a more casual audience environment, including patrons with sensory and/or processing disabilities, those who identify as Neurodivergent, people with disabilities, parents with small children, and more! There is a laid-back approach to noise and movement within the theatre space, which may be a good introductory experience for new theatregoers.

What to expect

  • There is assigned seating, but the house is not full, so audience members are welcome to move around, and to go in and out of the theatre when they need a break
  • House doors remain open, and house lights remain on at a dimmed level
  • Music and sound levels as well as lights and projections may be more subdued
  • Designated standing areas are available inside the theatre
  • Communication boards and use of other technology, such as cell phones and tablets (with audio off), are welcome (however, photos are not allowed)
  • A Relaxation Station in the lobby with stimming toys and calming activities
  • You are welcome to bring your own stimming toy or activity to do while in the theatre
  • Patrons are asked to avoid using fragrances and other scented products
  • Extra staff and volunteers available to support access needs

Granville Island Stage

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Lohn Foundation

Learn about our Deaf-Led Theatre Workshop here!

ASL (American Sign Language) will be offered at select Arts Club performances in consultation with some members of the Deaf Community. We are currently utilizing RSLI at this time.

ASL is a language that is used by many of our patrons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. ASL Interpreters (hearing interpreters) interpret the audible English language into ASL for our Deaf patrons. The ASL interpreter will be on the stage during the performance and, in some cases, integrated with the actors. Audience members with sight will see the ASL interpreters. Our goal is to employ Deaf Interpreters (DI) in future programming offers.

Seats that provide maximized sight lines of the ASL interpreters and the performers on the stage will be set aside for ASL users to book; however, patrons are welcome to book in any seat in the venue. The ASL seats on hold can be purchased at a discounted rate to reduce financial barriers; there may be alternative seats available at a discounted rate for ASL users. Please contact the Arts Club Box Office.

We work closely with paid consultants from the Deaf community who analyze scripts and make choices about shows that may better lend themselves to ASL interpretation.

If you are interested in joining this team of consultants (subject to availability) or would like more information, please contact Amy Amantea, Accessibility Coordinator, at

Currently, there are no scheduled ASL performances. Please check back to this page for updates.