Photo of young artists in black clothing performing on a dimly lit stage.


We strive to strengthen communities and individuals through theatre education. Theatre as a “language” or practice has so many amazing features: it creates empathy and togetherness, it enhances self-confidence and self-expression, and it is full of joy. Making the theatre experience accessible to everyone is at our forefront. We collaborate with equity-seeking communities to remove barriers for anyone who would like to experience the magical world of live theatre.

We are focused on cultivating creativity for youth and adults and supporting people as they explore the playwright, actor, director, or designer within, share their unique voice, and sharpen their skills. We love people, we love communities, we love learning, and we love theatre. Anyone can do theatre and create art. Join the party—the world needs your creative spirit!

Our programs and events reach out to schools and educators, professionals, and theatre enthusiasts from diverse communities. In addition to annual programs such as Creative Teens Theatre, LEAP Playwriting Intensive, Musical Theatre Intensive, Arts Club Drama Club, Student Workshop Experience, and Grant Burnyeat Student Series, select events include these highlights:

If you would like to collaborate with us and bring the unique world of theatre to your community, please reach out to us. This is how many amazing projects begin!

To learn more, contact Kevan Ellis, Director of Education, at, or Hila Graf, Education & Community Engagement Manager, at