Photo of a bright empty rehearsal studio.


The Arts Club is excited to support the work of the local theatre community by providing studio space free of charge to artists and organizations for up to seven consecutive days.

Requests will be accepted on the first and third Monday of each month for a one-week block of studio time, beginning on the second and fourth Monday of each month.

Email to request studio space. Please submit your request starting at 9 AM on the first and third Monday of each month; requests received before this time will not be considered. All requests are subject to availability.

In your request, please indicate the number of consecutive days you would like (maximum seven), the preferred dates and times per day, and preferred studio, if applicable. Please also answer the following questions related to our COVID-19 protocols:

  • How many people will come into the space at any one time, and overall, during your stay?
  • How will you track who is coming into the studio and when?
  • Describe the activities that are intended during your studio time, and rate each for its risk of spreading COVID-19.
  • Describe additional controls you will use in the studio to mitigate each risk, including wiping down of surfaces, use of protective barriers, and whether your activities allow for mask wearing and physical distancing.

Before gaining access to studio space, each individual must provide proof of third-party liability insurance. (The cost is approx. $175 for individuals and organizations without a current insurance policy.)