Silver Commissions featuring The cast of Oneginin the 2017 production

Silver Commissions

My Father Is the Greatest Man in the World by Tai Amy Grauman (2020 commission)
Rose grew up on a farm in small-town Alberta with her Métis family. Now a country singer in Nashville and pregnant with her first baby, Rose returns home with questions for her father, John. Once a trapper on the land, John has worked in the oil field since Rose was born. What from his past can help unlock her child's future?
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Someone Like You by Christine Quintana (2020 commission)
A boyfriend from hell. A nightmare apartment. A botched Tinder date. Isabelle and Kristen have been through a lot together. But the arrival of Kristen’s new romantic interest leaves Isabelle wondering how long she can stay in a supporting role. This new comedy launches Cyrano de Bergerac into the 21st century: mistaken identities, millennial manifestos, and the quest for self-love. Who might be waiting in the wings?
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Forgiveness by Hiro Kanagawa (2019 co-commission with Theatre Calgary)
An adaptation of the novel by Mark Sakamoto, which is the story of his grandparents during the Second World War. Mark’s maternal grandfather was a Canadian soldier, who spent years as a prisoner of war in a Japanese camp. His paternal grandmother was one of thousands of Japanese–Canadians interned by the Canadian government during the war. But instead of being bitter about their experiences, they taught forgiveness.
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Mom’s the Word 4: the Mom-Cracker by the Mom’s the Word Collective (2019 commission)
We looked on as they coped with new motherhood, we saw their kids grow up, and we watched them deal with empty nests. Now they tackle the craziness of Christmas. All installments of the Mom's the Word plays have been outstanding audience favourites and we are excited to help build this hilarious saga.
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Redbone Coonhound by Amy Lee Lavoie and Omari Newton (2018 commission)
Redbone Coonhound weaves together several thematically-related micro-plays—connected loosely by the dog breed Redbone Coonhound—as a way to explore the intricacies of both the subtle and overt polemics of race, systemic power, and privilege. Redbone Coonhound will confront instances of daily systemic racism in the past, present, and future in surprising ways.
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The Cull by Michele Riml and Michael St. John Smith (2017 commission)
While a forest fire rages out of control in the local mountains, a group of close friends gather for an anniversary celebration. But when an unexpected gift turns a civil conversation about the local wolf cull into a fierce personal argument, a secret is revealed that threatens the stability of the “pack.” Turning this particular dinner party into a night of eat or be eaten.
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(To Be Announced) by Ashleigh Giffen (2016 commission)
Ashleigh's play follows Kim, an Indigenous girl who was named after her mother's friend, who was murdered. Spirits, such as her grandmother and Coyote, help guide her. The play focuses on Indigenous youth, their truth, the love of ancestors, and how intergenerational pain, are at the forefront of their lives.
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