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New Play Development

Our greatest strength as a company has been, and continues to be, our vivid local identity. We hire and support local talent—onstage and off. Our commitment to fostering new works by local playwrights can be seen through our highly respected Silver Commissions Project. This priority is significantly aided by the New Play Festival.

The Silver Commissions Project provides funding for a playwright to complete a new play with the goal of producing it on one of our stages. The program has become a critical step in our creative process as we take these and many other new works from script to stage. This is where dreams come true for budding playwrights and it serves as an incubator of talent.

“Writing a play has at times felt a bit like leaving home with a pretty good idea where I’m going but no specific address. The direction and feedback I’ve been given through dramaturgical support, workshops, and readings, have been essential to my process and to the exploration and creation of the play. I have appreciated and learned from the collaboration, connection, and community I’ve experienced while working in this nurturing environment. New Play Development has been invaluable in helping me get the play to where it’s supposed to go. It’s been an absolute gift.”
—Dorothy Dittrich, playwright (The Piano Teacher) and Jessie award winner

We are immensely proud of this Arts Club initiative, which is made possible through the generosity of our Silver Commissions Patrons:
Stan and Kathy Hamilton

Script Submissions

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are not accepting unsolicited script submissions at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Resources for Playwrights

The Arts Club only develops plays that are under consideration for production with us. If you are a playwright looking for development support or dramaturgy, please explore the links below to find an appropriate organization.

Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA)

Playwrights Guild of Canada

Playwrights Theatre Centre

Playwrights Workshop Montreal

Theatre BC

To find out about supporting or sponsoring new play development, contact Kathy MacKenzie, Director of Development, at or 604.687.5315, ext. 252.


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