Special Performances

Vocal Eye

The Arts Club is proud to offer VocalEye Live Description for people who are blind or partially sighted at the Stanley Industrial Stage and the Granville Island Stage this season.

Each performance listed below will be described live for patrons who are blind and partially sighted. The description will not be audible to the general audience. Ten minutes before the show begins, VocalEye patrons will hear a brief description of the set, characters, props and costumes. Once the show begins, the VocalEye describer will convey important visual information and physical action, live, between the actors' lines. Patrons can reserve their tickets and description equipment by calling the Arts Club Box Office at 604.697.1644. The equipment consists of a handheld receiver and a single plastic earpiece that fits over either ear. The receivers are also compatible with most personal earbuds and headphones. Equipment is available, at no charge, for pickup at the VocalEye table in the lobby up to one hour before showtime. VocalEye’s Theatre Buddies will be available to escort you to your seats and assist you with setting up your receiver and ear piece. For more information, call our box office at 604.687.1644.

Please note that Friday performances are based on availability

Granville Island Stage

July 5, 2019
Mom's the Word: Nest 1/2 Empty

What is a relaxed performance?

An inclusive experience designed to welcome patrons of all ages and sensitivities, a relaxed performance contains modifications to the conventions of traditional theatre to maximize the comfort of our attendees.

Differences that you may notice

  • House lights will remain on at a dimmed level
  • Music and sound levels will be lowered
  • Lights and projections will be more subdued
  • The audience is welcome to move around and make noise
  • Designated standing areas will be available inside the theatre
  • Use of communication boards and other technology, such as cell phones and tablets, are welcome (however, we ask that you not take photos)
  • A Relaxation Station in the lobby will be equipped with a live feed of the show for those who need to take a break from the theatre, but don’t want to miss what’s happening on stage
  • Patrons are asked to avoid wearing perfume, cologne, or other scented products

How to book

Tickets for the relaxed performance can be booked online or by calling the box office at 604.687.1644. If your party has specific access needs that we should be aware of, please call the box office or email us at boxoffice@artsclub.com.

Preparing for a relaxed performance

Read our Visual story for a complete look at how to get to the theatre, a peek inside the Granville Island Stage, and additional information about the show. It will help give you an idea of what the experience at the theatre will be like.

Read Visual Story

Familiarization tours will be available upon request to those who may experience anxiety in new/unfamiliar spaces. Please contact Kevan Ellis, Director of Education, at kellis@artsclub.com.


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