By Michele Riml & Michael St. John Smith

World Premiere
An Arts Club Silver Commission funded by Stan and Kathy Hamilton

January 26–February 26, 2023
Granville Island Stage

While a forest fire rages out of control in the nearby mountains, a group of close friends gather for an anniversary celebration. But when an unexpected gift turns a civil conversation about the local wolf cull into a heated argument, personal interests begin to threaten the stability of the “pack.” This riveting dissection of human relationships and the forces that control our deepest motivations will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Production Sponsor

Dockside Restaurant



Superb direction, excellent set, and strong performances

—Colin Thomas

The Cull demands authoritative performances, and the cast delivers


Artistic Team


  1. John Cassini John
  2. Jasmine Chen Lynne
  3. Craig Erickson Paul
  4. Meghan Gardiner Nicole
  5. Stephen Lobo Lewis
  6. Dawn Petten Emily


  1. Mindy Parfitt Director
  2. Stephen Drover Dramaturg
  3. Amir Ofek Set Designer
  4. Alaia Hamer Costume Designer
  5. Ted Roberts Lighting Designer
  6. Owen Belton Sound Designer
  7. Phay Moores Intimacy Director
  8. Mike Kovac Fight Director
  9. Rebecca Mulvihill Stage Manager
  10. Marijka Asbeek Brusse Assistant Stage Manager