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Don’t miss this opportunity to look behind the scenes as we prepare new works for the stage. Experience live public readings and be part of the process as some of Canada’s most talented actors, directors, dramaturgs, and playwrights bring new scripts to life. After each reading, audience members are invited to take part in a discussion with the artists. Comment, ask questions, and learn about the process of script development.

September 9–14, 2019
Goldcorp Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre
All readings at 7 PM

Monday, September 9
Redbone Coonhound by Amy Lee Lavoie & Omari Newton (Silver Commission)
Director: Mel Hague

Redbone Coonhound weaves together several thematically-related micro-plays—connected loosely by the dog breed Redbone Coonhound—as a way to explore the intricacies of both the subtle and overt polemics of race, systemic power, and privilege. Redbone Coonhound will confront instances of daily systemic racism in the past, present, and future in surprising ways.

About Amy Lee Lavoie
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Tuesday, September 10
I Sit Content by Kaitlyn Riordan
Director: Jamie King

An exploration of the value of art, this Canadian history play entangles us with two of Canada's most celebrated artists: Emily Carr and Lawren Harris. For almost 15 years, during her middle age, Emily Carr stopped painting. The exhaustion of poverty, the sting of rejection, and the isolation of the artist’s life were too much to contend with. Then, in her late 50’s, after meeting Lawren Harris—defacto leader of The Group of Seven—she began painting again with a vengeance. Their unexpected, volatile relationship, foils to each other’s lives, play out in I Sit Content, asking us all to consider the worth of art.

About Kaitlyn Riordan

Wednesday, September 11
The Cull by Michele Riml & Michael St. John Smith (Silver Commission)
Director: Meg Roe

While a forest fire rages out of control in the local mountains, a group of close friends gather for an anniversary celebration. But when an unexpected gift turns a civil conversation about the local wolf cull into a fierce personal argument, a secret is revealed that threatens the stability of the “pack.” Turning this particular dinner party into a night of eat or be eaten.

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Thursday, September 12
Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer by Kevin Loring
Director: Nyla Carpentier

Little Red is the last remaining member of his tribe. One day, Little Red discovers that the development firm Smith, Smyth and Goldsmithe has violated his traditional territory. Enraged, he attacks one of their engineers, is arrested and assigned a court-appointed lawyer. Since Red no longer has a place to stay, the lawyer and his wife invite him to stay with them. But as they soon find out, when you invite a coyote into the coop, don’t be surprised if he walks away with your chickens.

About Kevin Loring

Friday, September 13
Forgiveness by Hiro Kanagawa (Silver Commission)
Director: Stafford Arima

An adaptation of the novel by Mark Sakamoto, which is the story of his grandparents during the Second World War. Mark’s maternal grandfather was a Canadian soldier, who spent years as a prisoner of war in a Japanese camp. His paternal grandmother was one of thousands of Japanese‐Canadians interned by the Canadian government during the war. But instead of being bitter about their experiences, they taught forgiveness.

About Hiro Kanagawa

Saturday, September 14
Outside by Gilles Poulin-Denis
Translator: Leanna Brodie
Director: Jovanni Sy

When war correspondent, Arnaud, learns of his father’s death, he returns to the family farm after a 14-year absence where he will confront what he left behind. As he had expected, his brother Armand wants nothing to do with him. Both abandoned by family members, the brothers reunite begrudgingly in order to settle their father’s estate. Is their relationship beyond salvation? Which secrets haunt the nearby forest? And where the hell is that incessant barking coming from?

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